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Targeting fat cells surrounding organs

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Las Vegas Visceral Fat Reduction
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 7 reviews
by A review by Google user on Las Vegas Visceral Fat Reduction
A review by a Google user about Visceral body fat reduction in Las Vegas.

Wow! This was my first time visiting this place & all I can say is I'm beyond impressed with my treatment, the results & the customer service here! When I entered Natallia, the head aesthetician was there to greet me & take me into my consultation. I wanted to work on my stubborn belly fat around my lower stomach & hips. She assessed the area & helped me find the best treatment for me. She educated me on the process & the amount of time it would take. Offered me water & showed me around. The treatment was quick & Natallia was incredibly attentive. The first machine the body sculpt made a high pitch noise, which she offered ear plugs if I wanted, the noise didn't bother me much so I didn't use them. All I felt was a bit of heat & a little static now & then, I could literally feels fat chunks breaking up in my stomach it was so exciting! Then we did the vanquish me, this machine literally felt like nothing just a tiny bit of warmth. We did measurements before & after & I've literally lost over an inch already!!!! I'm definitely coming back! Already scheduled my treatment for next week & try a new treatment for the bags under my eyes! I can't wait! Natallia was great in informing me of my after care treatment as well! I highly recommend this place & their services! High quality all the way around! UPDATE: today was my second session & I lost another inch around my stomach! I've now lost 3" total! I can't believe these insane fast results! We also used their radio frequency technology under my eyes to tighten the skin & help with my puffy bags, the already look tighter & the lines are less visible!

Update: I have now had 3 sessions for my midsection & lost 6" around my whole midsection! I'm absolutely blown away by these results! I've now had 2 sessions of the radio frequency technology on the lines under my eyes, smile lines & forehead. The lines on my forehead & smile lines are already showing huge improvements, there's definitely a noticeable difference under my eyes. I am excited to continue my treatments here!

I highly recommend this over surgery! As someone who has had fillers & botox in my face, this is less invasive, more permanent & I've already seen much more dramatic improvement!

by Brenda Phillips on Las Vegas Visceral Fat Reduction
Brenda Phillips' review about VJazzy's visceral body fat reduction in Las Vegas treatment.

I was really excited to see results from my first treatment. I had bought the body contour and laser lipo treatment package and lost 2 and a half inches off my waist. The staff at VJazzy & my technician Bailey was really friendly. I can't wait to see the final results!!

by Iliana Misty on Las Vegas Visceral Fat Reduction
Iliana Misty's review about visceral body fat treatment in Las Vegas.

Completed 12 sessions and saw a huge improvements from lost inches to reduced cellulite. Will be returning before the start of swimsuit season! Thanks Vjazzy Wellness!!

by James Ebbert on Las Vegas Visceral Fat Reduction
A visceral body fat removal review in Las Vegas

The ladies at VJazzy were great. I am a larger guy, and they were able to help me lose 4 inches, on my first visit!! My suits were getting tight and now they are loose.

by Nitiva Cole on Las Vegas Visceral Fat Reduction
Nitiva Cole's review about VJazzy's visceral fat reduction treatment.

Coming to Vjazzy Wellness made a huge difference in my life. They are super sweet, flexible and a good listener.I'm now sleeping better, eating better and happier in general. Also, the lipo light did a wonder for my body. I lost a couple of inches on my waist line and feel much more confident.

by Emma Besty on Las Vegas Visceral Fat Reduction
Emma Betsy's visceral fat reduction experience

I lost inches!! Vjazzy Wellness was really great and easy to work with. It totally worked- I lost 2-3 inches, I went home and I feel super energized. I wanted to look a little slimmer for my upcoming road trip and now I do! Success. Thanks:)

by Rosy on Las Vegas Visceral Fat Reduction
Review for my visceral fat reduction session in Las Vegas!

This place is amazing. I am Rosy who has very stubborn fat in my stomach area and I lost 3 inches in my first treatment. Vjazzy Wellness persons are great, they are professional, sweet, knowledgeable and makes you feel right & comfortable. Their office is peaceful, relaxing and you feel like you are at a spa. I can't wait to continue with their treatments as I feel lighter and relaxed . Give their a try you will love it !!! Thank you, I can't wait to see you more often.

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