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Hair loss is one issue that is affecting both men and women all over the world in a big way. But, at VJazzy Wellness, we have a non-invasive solution that is effective and gives you lasting results. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is simply infrared light at special frequencies that works to stimulate the hair follicles to strengthen and regenerate. A device in the shape of a helmet delivers the light to the wearer. You can also opt for the comb-like device that nourishes your scalp with light as the technician runs it over your hair.

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Hair Restoration Las Vegas, Nevada

Hair fall is a major problem that plagues both men and women to an extent that the issue has given birth to a multi-million dollar industry. Researchers and corporate giants are constantly on the lookout for newer and advanced methods that can promote Laser hair regrowth. Should you consult your trichologist, you may receive recommendations of creams, lotions, and injections. And, one of the most innovative solutions that has emerged in recent times is laser hair regrowth, a method that is safe, non-invasive, and has absolutely no side effects. Our hair regrowth treatment in Las Vegas works for both women and men!

The Science Behind Laser Hair Regrowth

Laser hair regrowth works on the premise that light at specific wavelengths can bring about transformations below the skin. This Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) can stimulate the growth of new hair follicles, and strengthen the existing follicles so they are able to grow hair. Further, LLLT waves can promote fresh circulation of blood in the scalp to bring nutrients and oxygen to nourish it so it grows hair again. All these effects can be achieved without the use of any creams or lotions, or the need for taking medications.

How the Laser Hair Regrowth Procedure Progresses

When you arrive at the VJazzy Wellness center, the expert trichologists on board will begin by examining your scalp carefully for the extent of the hair loss you’re experiencing. You may also answer questions to explore the reasons behind your problem. For instance, you may have a genetic condition called alopecia areata or the hair loss could be connected to the side effects of certain medications you’re taking. Our Las Vegas hair loss treatment is great for both men and women! Having understood your problem, the doctor will schedule your appointment.

The Laser female hair restoration Machine is a Non-Invasive Method

The LLLT device comprises of 200 diodes affixed on a set of 5 panels. All you need to do is spend around 20 to 30 minutes seated below the device so that the light is directed into your scalp. You will not feel any kind of pain or discomfort, but only a gentle warmth that is not unpleasant. Laser female hair restoration is especially effective on people who have genetic hair loss caused by the chemical DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT works to weaken hair follicles so that they cannot produce hair. Lasers can lower the levels of DHT to help you regain a fuller head of hair.

Laser female hair restoration Actually Works

Are you wondering if such as simple treatment course is actually effective? Patients that have tried the therapy talk about how they noticed that the hair fall seemed to slow down significantly almost immediately. They also noticed that the about 4 weeks later the bald patches seemed less visible with a better coverage of hair. Most important, hair regained a rich shine and texture with a deeper coloring. All of these signs indicate a healthy, well-nourished scalp. Women noticed that their parting seemed to get smaller while men could see that the hair line seemed to spread out to the bare skin.

Hair loss is an issue that takes away more than your good looks. Most people talk about losing their self esteem and confidence along with their hair. Thankfully, there is a workable solution to the problem. Go ahead and call us at this number: Vjazzy Wellness (702) 800-7406 https://vjazzywellness.com/services/laser-hair-regrowth/ and our consultants will help you with all the information you need

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Hair loss treatments for men. Hair loss treatment for women.

Female Hair Restoration in Las Vegas, Nevada
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 4 reviews
by Aleka Connor on Female Hair Restoration in Las Vegas, Nevada
Best female hair restoration treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada

I just completed the female hair restoration series on I ! The before and after photos had me shook! I am planning to do another round on my stomach and thighs. I've already recommended a friend to try it. I totally recommend Vjazzy Wellness Spa

by Giovani Manfio on Female Hair Restoration in Las Vegas, Nevada
This is the best place for service!

Love, love, love my results. I was able to get a consultation within a few days of calling and started my session with Valerie. The same day, I lost over 3 inches in my legs, I couldn’t believe it. I went home and put on a tight pair of jeans that I couldn’t fit into. I was amazed I could get it on. I can’t wait for my next session. Thank you Valerie for making me feel at ease during my treatment as well as your encouragement.

by Sue Tanjuaquio on Female Hair Restoration in Las Vegas, Nevada
Thanks for the excellent service!

I was looking for something to make my breakouts stop and remove the dark spots. I found it at VJazzy Wellness. My skin looks great and no more dark spots. They explained to me how to keep my skin looking good and breakout free! Thanks so much !!!

by Aitor Gomez on Female Hair Restoration in Las Vegas, Nevada
Thanks for the female hair restoration session in Las Vegas!

Amazing and friendly staff. I’m always greeted with a smile. Not to mention affordable prices. Judah is my technician who’s knowledgeable and informative. I just finished my second session on cellulite reduction on the back of my legs. I noticed the differences after my first session and how smooth back of my legs. Now that the weather is amazing, I was finally able to wear shorts. I love how my legs look smooth in my shorts. Looking forward to my next session!

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