Pico laser to remove melasma

Melasma treatment offered by VJazzy Wellness

About 90% of the people who are facing the problem Melasma- a highly visible skin condition that causes dark patches on your face- are women. We specialize in all aspects of women’s health, including the aesthetics, which includes treating the melasma through pico laser. If you’re embarrassed about melasma or feel insecure when going to any event or party, you can contact us. We will fix the issue for you.

Pico Laser is the latest technology

If we talk about traditional ways to remove melasma, then they use the thermal process to remove the dark patches from your face and there are greater chances that you end up damaging your delicate tissues of the epidermis. A picosecond is one-trillionth of the second, and it means that your skin will not be affected by Pico Laser as it does in the traditional way.

With the Pico Laser versatility, multiple wavelengths, and a pulse control, the pico laser system safely delivers laser energy below the surface of your face that has melasma pigmentation. You’ll find no chances of breakage of important tissues of your face.

With the short-pulse technology and multiple wavelengths, you don’t have to worry about damaging your skin because this is different from traditional ways of removing melasma. You can get the treatment right without any hurdle coming your way.

Faster and Predictable Method

In a lot of cases, when you face melasma, your doctors prescribe you ointments containing steroids to help you in recovering from dark areas of the skin. But, there’s a piece of bad news for you if you’re using steroids; it will become time-consuming, inconvenient and can take months to achieve your desired goals.

Chemical Peels and dermabrasion are the alternatives to the steroids that may help you get rid of Melasma, but they strip away the outer layer of the skin and can come up with longer recovery periods because your skin heals from what feels like a bad “Sunburn.” This process may take weeks and sometime more than a month and makes you more self-conscious because you attempt to go to public place and return to your daily routine.

But when it comes to Pico Laser treatment, it’s the alternative of both Steroids and Chemical Peels because it’s more effective and convenient because you can return to your daily workout without any downtime. You may see results faster than the above two given treatments. With the advanced pico laser coming your way, you can now see the removal of melasma within two treatments.

Once you get your desired results, you can stop getting the treatment. We will then guide you on what to do on a daily basis to avoid getting these patches again on your skin. Your skin will become long-lasting too.

Comfortable and safe for most of the skins

When we use Pico Laser to remove melasma, it will always be a comfortable and safer treatment for most of the skins. If we talk about the time per session of melasma treatment, then it will take hardly 10 minutes per session. You’re going to see changes in your dark patches within two session of the treatment.

If you’ve tried the laser treatment before, then you might know how painful the process could be. But when you try pico laser treatment, you won’t be facing any problem or you’d rather feel a sensation that is similar to a snapping of a rubber band. It’s just a matter of a few minutes and can be tolerated.

And as an advantage, you don’t have to use the steroids and chemical peels or oral medications (another treatment of dark patches) to obtain brilliant skin again. We are professionally trained and 101% ready to break the dark pigments from your face and then your body is going to do the rest naturally. It will eliminate the bad tissues from your skin time by time.

If you’re bothered by the problem Melasma on your face, hands or anyother areas of the body, then the pico laser system can be the ideal choice for you. To learn more about it, you can call us at any time and we will guide you properly about everything. You can even book an appointment online and by calling us.

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