Anal and Vaginal Bleaching

Las Vegas anal bleaching and Las Vegas vaginal bleaching.

Intimate Brightening

Suffering from embarrassing dark or discolored intimate area?

Intimate bleaching allow you to create a uniform color of the vaginal/anal area, underarms, face, knees, elbows, inner thighs, bum cheeks, nipples and areola. Vjazzy Wellness now offers a treatment that are specially designed to be safe to use in the intimate areas. More and ore women are inquiring about the latest trend so you shouldn't feel uneasy about looking for solutions to help bolster your confidence.

How many treatments are normally recommended?

We recommend 3 consecutive treatments every 14 days

Should I receive waxing treatment before or after?

It is highly recommended to remove the hair prior to treatment, an open follicle will allow for deeper product absorption to see better results

When can results be seen?

Results can be seen the same day. 1-3 shades lighter after the first professional treatment

We all want to look our best. Especially in our most Intimate areas! Call Today 702-800-7406

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Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching / Las Vegas Anal Bleaching

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Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by Audrey Kerr on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
A review of vaginal bleaching by Audrey Kerr

Responsibility, honesty and great service. A really good experience, the specialists explanations and skills are top notch. Highly recommend to anyone who would need help with their vaginal bleaching. Receptionists are great and very polite. I will definitely come back again.

by Julie Hurd on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
A review by Julie Hurd a customer at VJazzy Wellness

I visited Vjazzy for a procedure I needed recently. I was amazed how professional,, and kind Vicky and her staff were! They made me feel very comfortable, and the prices were very affordable for my budget. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is looking to feel and look there best!

by Giovani Manfio on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
Giovani Manfio's review of VJazzy Wellness

Love, love, love my results. I was able to get a consultation within a few days of calling and started my session with Valerie. The same day, I lost over 3 inches in my legs, I couldn’t believe it. I went home and put on a tight pair of jeans that I couldn’t fit into. I was amazed I could get it on. I can’t wait for my next session. Thank you Valerie for making me feel at ease during my treatment as well as your encouragement.

by Andrew Uchiha on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
A customer review of VJazzy anal bleaching in Las Vegas

After having twins, I notice loosening of my vaginal walls and I wasn’t the same anymore. I started to have leakage as well while exercising. Talk about embarrassing. My best friend recommended Vjazzy Wellness. I went in for a consultation and I was greeted with a smile. I met with Vicky who was very professional and knowledgeable of treatment. I went ahead and started my first session the same day. After my first session, I noticed a huge difference. Now, I can workout without any issues.

by Saul Ortiz on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
Thank you for the excellent treatment!

After researching and watching YouTube videos, I came across BB Glow. I have freckles, acne scars and uneven skin tone. I was embarrassed to go into public without makeup. I came across anal bleaching and noticed VJazzy Wellness offers this treatment. I called immediately to schedule a consultation. During my consultation, I was informed it was on special for the month. I was able to start my session within a few days..... omg I look so much better. I was able to see the results the same day. I can’t stop looking at myself, my skin tone and freckles are lighter. My face feels so soft and rejuvenated.

by Jade Louise on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
A vaginal bleaching review by Jade Louise

I have completed 8 sessions so far over the phone ... working with Vjazzy Wellness team has been life changing ... from being depressed, anxious and constantly worrying about money ... I am at peace, a lot happier and, I work for myself, so much work is flowing in am not worrying about money ... I now have to build it from here ... thank you for showing me a better way ...

by Aitor Gomez on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
A review of VJazzy's services

Amazing and friendly staff. I’m always greeted with a smile. Not to mention affordable prices. Judah is my technician who’s knowledgeable and informative. I just finished my second session on cellulite reduction on the back of my legs. I noticed the differences after my first session and how smooth back of my legs. Now that the weather is amazing, I was finally able to wear shorts. I love how my legs look smooth in my shorts. Looking forward to my next session!

by Sarah Seder on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
An anal bleaching review by Sarah Seder

I came in after giving birth to my daughter, I wanted to Tightening up down there. Vjazzy Wellness was the only place that I found affordable prices. I’ve done two sessions now and at first I thought it would be so weird, but honestly it only took a couple of minutes. The best part is, my husband can already tell a difference. I definitely recommend this spa and their staff.

by Alena Collison on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
A review of VJazzy Wellness in Las Vegas, NV

I just completed the body contouring series on my stomach and I've lost 5 inches total! The before and after photos had me shook! I am planning to do another round on my stomach and thighs. I've already recommended a friend to try it. I totally recommend Vjazzy Wellness Spa

by Jessica Flamin on Las Vegas Anal Bleaching / Las Vegas Vaginal Bleaching
A review of vaginal bleaching by Jessica Flamin

After almost a year its about time to share my experience about my Body Contouring , my friend Sherry and I came here for consultation and asked for prices and ended up getting our body contouring for 4 session. I was able to lose 2 1/2 inches in my first session and by the 4th session, I lost a total of 5 inches and I lost another inch after my session ended. Thank You ladies at Vjazzy Wellness. They're super accommodating for last minute appointments! And make sure you're comfortable from the moment you walk in. Now I'm trying my butt lift and I've had one session only and I notice a difference. I cant wait for my final results. I love this place.

Vaginal and Anal Bleaching in Las Vegas

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